In recent years, Bac Giang province has experienced rapid, synchronized and comprehensive development in all economic, cultural, social life with many outstanding results. The economic growth rate continued to increase, reaching 16.2% in 2019, ranking the third position in the country. All 3 economic sectors have developed synchronously, in which industry has had a breakthrough development; attracting investment with impressive results, constantly being in the leading group of the whole country; Economic structure, labor structure continues to shift in a positive direction.

However, the above results are not commensurate with the potential and advantages of the province. In fact, there are still many problems that exist, for example, limitations, weaknesses are the barriers that hinder the further development of the province.

At the online conference "Analysis of components of provincial competitiveness index (PCI) in 2019, the solution to improve the PCI 2020" took place on the morning of June 13, Mr. Thai also pointed out that the renewal of thinking and action in the performance of public duties to raise the PCI is an extremely urgent issue of the province today. Low PCI indicates limitations in administration and administrative reforms of authorities at all levels. This not only affects the image and position of the province in the eyes of citizens and businesses but also directly affects the investment attraction and economic development of the province. 


With the determination to improve the PCI index, attract foreign investors to invest in the industrial real estate industry of Bac Giang, the province has set a goal to overcome the current shortcomings and limitations, and strongly improve the PCI index from this year and subsequent years. Specifically, the provincial People's Committee focuses on directing departments and branches to implement more substantive component targets such as:

1. Establishing a working group to receive and process information, feedback from enterprises, and strictly punish public servants causing troubles and harass for businesses and investors in the process of production and business in the province.

2. Strictly handling negative matters; Aat the end of the year, Bac Giang will review the responsibility of the Provincial Police and the Working Group to receive and process information in handling violations of civil servants in the performance of tasks and handling of administrative procedures for enterprises.

3. For departments, branches and localities, including party committees, district and commune administrations need to continue to train officials, public servants and public employees about attitudes to the citizens and the provincial measures applied to overcome the limitations and weaknesses in improving the investment and business environment, improving competitiveness and administrative reform, thereby actively change the awareness, thinking and action.

4. Civil servants and officers must innovate in thinking, awareness, and action when performing their official duties, changing from the "allow" and "license" to the "service" thinking. Implementing the motto "4 pleases": Hello, sorry, thank you, please allow; "4 always": Always smiling, always gentle, always listening, always helping and "5 no": No bossy, causing difficulties, troubles; no emotionless, irresponsible bureaucracy; no corruption, wastefulness, cheating;

5. Proposing the business community to accompany State agencies to build a truly transparent, healthy, and fair business investment environment in the province. Actively report shortcomings, inadequacies, and difficult behaviors of civil servants.

6. The committees of the Party, the Fatherland Front, mass organizations, and media agencies shall intensify supervision, promptly reflect and inform both positive and restrictive aspects of the task performance of agencies, organizations, and individuals in performing official duties, especially those directly related to administrative procedures

Through these practical actions, Bac Giang province has been affirming its determination to become one of Vietnam's leading "industrial provinces", catching up with the national modernization and industrialization trend.

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