Samsung to shift its monitor manufacturing facilities to Vietnam

For the past few years, companies have been shifting some of their manufacturing facilities from China to alternate countries. They are doing this to expand their supply chain so that in times of difficulties like pandemic their supplies remain unaffected. Samsung is known for moving most of its factories from China. Earlier today, it even officially announced to relocate its computer monitor operation to Vietnam.

Samsung Monitor Featured

Samsung Electronics Vietnam announced that Samsung Display will transfer most of its monitor manufacturing plants from China to Samsung HCMC CE Complex (SEHC) factory in Vietnam. As an important gateway to the entirety of Southeast Asia, the country will help Samsung enhance its presence regionally and push sales of its computer monitor products.

The move is expected to see the nation become the leading supplier of Samsung computer monitors in the world.

According to the International Data Corporation’s report, the market share of 24 inch-computer screens in the nation during the first quarter accounted for 34%, taking the lead in the market.

According to, this shift will make Vietnam the largest manufacturing base of Samsung monitors. In total, Samsung is the single largest foreign investor in Vietnam, with investments of some $17 billion.

Vietnam is widely expected to continue to become Samsung’s most important global supplier over time.A Samsung representative said the relocation of production lines from China to Vietnam will serve to enhance the experience of Vietnamese consumers when enjoying the latest computer monitor products in comparison with other markets.


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