Up to now, Hanoi has more than 1,300 craft villages and City leaders. It is expected that on June 27, at an investment promotion conference with the theme "Hanoi 2020 - Investment and Development Cooperation", Hanoi City will complete and hand over 23 industrial village clusters following the reform direction for investors.

So far, most trade villages in Hanoi have been alternated with households. This has led to many negative issues such as noise pollution, air pollution directly affecting the living standard in the trade village area.


Recognizing these negative effects, if prolonged, will cause many serious consequences, not only to the Capital's economy but also to the social population, Hanoi City has pioneered the planning of relocating 23 trade village industrial clusters to a completely new direction.

The main difference of 23 handicraft village clusters is that they are about to be handed over to investors by the end of June compared to the previous industrial clusters. Notably, priority will be given to the development of traditional crafts of traditional trade villages; prioritize the development of clean technologies, high technologies and synchronous construction of wastewater systems ...

I believe that with the current planning of industrial clusters, the city strives from now till the end of the year to continue solving the remaining industrial clusters so that in the coming time, to attract investment capital of small and medium-sized enterprises, developing, manufacturing, attracting highly skilled workers... ", said the Chairman of Hanoi City.

This is considered one of the new steps of Hanoi City to attract investment from small businesses and at the same time, contribute to help industrial production and handicraft activities become more professional and efficient, making a positive contribution to the Capital's economy.

According to the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade, there are 1,350 craft villages and handicraft villages in the city, of which 198 traditional trade villages are recognized. The city currently has 70 industrial clusters operating in 17 districts, towns and towns with a total planned area of ​​1,686 ha, of which 1,392 ha are invested in infrastructure construction. The industrial clusters have attracted about 3,864 production and business establishments, created jobs for 60,000 laborers, and contributed about 1,100 billion dongs/year to the state budget.

Wishing to build the most favorable investment environment, contribute to economic growth and ensure social security, IIP VIETNAM - Vietnam Industrial Real Estate Information Portal is looking forward to cooperating with Investor and Hanoi City to provide transparent information about the trade village clusters in the city to the small and medium enterprises that are in need of capital contribution.

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