As one of the provinces with fast economic development, it is also a hub connecting the northern key regions including Hanoi - Bac Ninh - Quang Ninh - Hai Phong; Hai Duong is showing that this is a land with lots of development space. Especially, with the orientation to become an industrial city, Hai Duong has constantly renovated policies, upgraded infrastructure and attracted FDI.


Geographic location and natural resources

Hai Duong is located in the center of the Red River Delta, in the northern key economic triangle of Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh, adjacent to Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Quang Ninh, Thai Binh and Hung Yen provinces and Hai Phong city. 

Hai Duong province has a tropical monsoon climate, hot and humid with 4 seasons; the average temperature is 23oC; The annual average humidity is from 78 to 87%; The average annual rainfall is from 1,500mm to 1,700 mm. According to statistics, from 1972 up to now, Hai Duong has not been severely affected by rain and storm. Hai Duong has great potential for producing construction materials, such as limestone with reserves of about 200 million tons, clay to produce refractory materials with reserves of about 8 million tons, kaolin - the main raw material for production of ceramics with reserves of about 400,000 tons, bauxite ore used to produce grinding wheel and industrial grinding powder with reserves of about 200,000 tons.

Population and labor force

Hai Duong province consists of 10 districts, 01 city and 01 town with a population of about 1.8 million people, of which over 60% are of working age. The high percentage of the population (about 84.5%) lives in rural areas and is mainly engaged in agriculture. This will be a very important and abundant labor supply for investment projects

The infrastructure

The transportation network in Hai Duong province is very convenient, including many roads (National Roads 5A, 188, 18 ...); railway (Hanoi - Hai Phong route to meet the needs of transporting goods through 7 stations along the route, this route is expected to be upgraded more modern soon) and waterways (the waterway is 400km long, very convenient for the transportation of ships with a tonnage of about 500 tons; Cong Cau Port with a capacity of about 300,000 tons / year; convenient port system can meet the needs of waterway transport).

Hai Duong is near the two airports: Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport and Hai Phong Cat Bi Airport, and there is the Kunming (China) - Hanoi - Quang Ninh route running through.

Such transport system is very convenient for economic exchange between Hai Duong province and other provinces and cities in Vietnam.

Incentives to encourage investment in industrial zones in Hai Duong province

Incentives on investment capital: Projects investing in industrial parks are prioritized to arrange preferential credit capital according to the annual plan of the State (if there is demand for investment loans), or granted preferential licenses invest to support post-investment interest rate according to the provincial annual investment plan.

Preferential loan interest rates and financial leasing interest rates: Projects invested in industrial zones are granted short-term, medium-term, long-term loans and financial leasing by state-owned commercial banks in the province. The interest rate is reduced by 10% compared to the lending interest rate and finance leasing interest rate for ordinary customers.

Incentives on fees for provision of banking services: State-owned commercial banks in the province collect payment fees via banks and other services provided by the Bank with the lowest rates in the current fee bracket provided by the Superior Bank regulations; Exempting fee for loan consulting service and economic project construction consultancy when the Bank advises enterprises; reduction of 10-15% of fees for hedging information.

Supporting vocational training funding for local laborers: On the basis of labor demand, domestic and foreign enterprises investing in industrial parks are provided with trained labor in case enterprises have demand. For individual training needs, the provincial budget will support 50% of domestic vocational training funding for a local labor but not more than one million VND for one employee in the whole training course. The money in the province will be provided to the provincial vocational training centers to train businesses in need.

Incentives on advertising information and encouraging investment in industrial zones: Enterprises investing in industrial zones in Hai Duong province are entitled to a 50% reduction in advertising information costs on Hai Duong radio and television stations and Hai Duong magazine, within 3 years since the project came into operation

Regarding administrative procedures: Carrying out investment and management procedures in IZs under the "one-door" and "one-stop" mechanism at the provincial Industrial Zones Project Management Board. The sectors, based on their functions and duties, have the responsibility to coordinate with the Project Management Board of the Industrial Zones in settling the procedures for investors in the shortest time (from the date the investors submit the proper dossiers). rate).

- Evaluation and approval of projects, investment licenses: No more than 5 working days

- Construction land lease procedure: No more than 10 working days

- Appraisal of technical design documents: no more than 15 working days

- Appraisal of construction permit: No more than 10 working days

It is the advantages of geography, natural resources, labor force, infrastructure and investment incentive policies of the locality that help Hai Duong become a "dreaming land" for rising Real Estate Industry.

Currently, in Hai Duong province, there are 18 industrial parks (IZs) in the approved plan, of which 10 are established and are operating in production and business. The industrial zones have attracted over 245 projects with a total investment of 4.3 billion USD and created jobs for nearly 100 thousand workers, ensuring social security for the whole province.

Notably, An Phat High-Tech Industrial Park is owned by An Phat Holdings Group - a project that contributes to motivate strongly develop the economy of Hai Duong Province.


An Phat Complex Industrial Park is located at Km47, Highway 5, Hai Duong City. The industrial park has an important strategic location in the economic triangle of Hanoi, Hai Phong and Quang Ninh. Currently, thanks to the professional one-stop service, off-site facilities and close cooperation with Hai Duong University, 60% of the industrial park area has been filled within a year, showing the trust of the investors.

The ecosystem of An Phat Complex Industrial Park creates conditions for investors to save related costs, opening up opportunities for cooperation in the production of products such as products and biodegradable materials. packaging, engineering plastics and interior plastics, precision engineering and molds, materials and chemicals in the plastic industry ...

Reasons why An Phat High-Tech Industrial Park is worth investing in:

Geographical location:

- Km 47, Highway 5, Viet Hoa Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Province

- 5km from Hai Duong City

- 65 km from Cat Bi airport (Hai Phong)

- 6.5 km from Hai Duong station (city)

- 5km from Cong Cau port (river port)

- 50km from Hai Phong port, Dinh Vu port 55km (seaport)

The infrastructure

Traffic system:

- Main road width 34m.

- Internal road system is built ready to serve with load H30

- Electrical system: Ready-made underground circuit and 22KV medium voltage cabinets outside the factory wall.

Water supply system: Clean water supply pipe system has been invested, the lessor provides connection point outside the factory wall.

A wastewater treatment station has been built in the Industrial Park with a capacity of 1,720m3 / day and night

Waste disposal: Provide waste treatment services according to the regulation.

Fire-prevention system: In the Industrial Park, there is a fire pump station, an underground water tank containing 6000m3 fire water for sharing the whole area. APC supplies fire-prevention water to the area outside the Tenant's workshop's external walls.

Communication system: Has been installed ready.

Investment incentives

- Import and export tax: Support production for export registration procedures for enterprises to help the enterprises acquire 0% VAT exemption.

- Raw land use fee (paid to the State Budget): 100% free (An Phat Complex has paid the Government one time - this is an advantage that very few industrial parks across the country have. Investors who lease land in An Phat Industrial Park, after being granted land use right certificates, can use the leased land as collateral for borrowing from credit institutions in Vietnam. )

- Other incentives:

+ Free support for business registration and fire safety appraisal.

+ Free 1 year using the weighing station installed right in the industrial zone

+ Assist customers in obtaining Investment Certificates, procedures for granting seals and tax codes ... Supporting the preparation of environmental impact assessment reports, construction permits, extracting maps; electrical, water connection, installation of telephone systems, telecommunications, Internet.

+ Recruitment support.

+ Support to provide industrial meals, accommodation for experts and workers.

+ Support delivery services, import and export procedures

+ Support to access capital from banks: Vietinbank, BIDV, VPBank, ...

+ Installation and supply of automatic vending machines

Labor resources

- Hai Duong University, Sao Do University, Hai Duong Vocational College, Vocational Training Center and many other vocational training schools in the province.

- Attract more than 10,000 workers into the industrial zone

- Average salary 7-10 million VND / person / month

- Worker base salary by region (Hai Duong is Region II: VND 4,300,000 / month)

- High management and labor 12 million VND / person / month

Other support services:

- Customs

- Bonded warehouse, ICD

- Logistic and shipping

- Hospitals, medical centers

- Police

- Kindergarten, nursery school

- Center for Support and Labor Consultancy

- Vocational school (human resources)

- Commercial - Service Area

- Bank

- Housing area for workers

- Services to support investment project implementation procedures (free of charge)


Experiencing the process of building and growth, An Phat Holdings Group is now one of the leading groups operating in the field of high-tech and environmentally-friendly plastic production in Southeast Asia.

With many member companies in the plastic ecosystem, An Phat Holdings has affirmed its brand, prestige and position to bring products to foreign markets such as Europe, USA, United Arab Emirates. Arab, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines ...

Up to now, An Phat Holdings has been fully confident with its competitive capacity and position to move to a new stage of development with investment projects focusing on industrial real estate.

With the goal of filling An Phat High-Tech Industrial Park in 2020 and exploiting the project of Quoc Tuan Industrial Park - An Binh newly assigned by Hai Duong province, An Phat Holdings is on the runway to build a firm position, one of the leading enterprises and sustainable development in the field of industrial real estate in Vietnam.


In early June 2020, IIP VIETNAM had a meeting with the investor of An Phat High-Tech Industrial Park. After the meeting, An Phat Complex assessed IIP VIETNAM as a reputable and transparent industrial real estate portal with preeminent solutions to support the development of Vietnam's industrial real estate industry and officially decided to sign a strategic cooperation agreement to promote

investment with IIP VIETNAM.

Accordingly, domestic and foreign investors wishing to promote investment in Hai Duong province, please contact Hotline: 1900888858 or Email: info@iipvietnam.com.

Website: http://iipvietnam.com/

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/iipvietnam

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