Urban Planning Association - called Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association, abbreviated as VUPDA. VUPDA operates throughout the country on the principle of compliance with the provisions of law, strives for the purpose of building and developing a sustainable urban system in the direction of industrialization and modernization to contribute to the development of the Country.

Over 20 years of operation, from the initial 250 members, up to now, VUPDA has had 37 Associations, Association branches, members with nearly 7000 members. Units directly under the provision of the Association include 01 company, 04 Institutes and 01 Urban Planning Magazine.

Association actively involved in the development of legal documents; Critical consulting and social assessment of important issues of the country; participate in the Planning - Architecture Professional Council, the Science Planning Council for large construction projects and projects of the State, urban centers and localities. The Association hosts many scientific workshops, contributing to the creation and consultation of localities in the process of sustainable urban development ...
Hội Quy hoạch phát triển đô thị Việt Nam (VUPDA) là tổ chức nào?
Every year, the Association cooperates with the Ministry of Construction and the Vietnam Urban Association. "Vietnam Urban Day" on November 8; sponsor the Ashui Awards; Award the project of planning excellent graduate student ...

On May 26, 2020, the Chairman of the Central Association for Urban Development of Vietnam, Mr. Tran Ngoc Chinh, after the objective evaluation process, realized the capacity, prestige and experience of IIP VIET NAM, decided to signed a decision to admit IIP VIETNAM as a collective member of the Vietnam Urban Development Planning Association.

Accordingly, as an official member, IIP VIETNAM affirms that it will strive for the purpose of building and developing Vietnam's urban center in the direction of industrialization and modernization, in order to build a strong and resilient economy. 

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