IIP VIETNAM cooperates with a professor of Hanoi University of Science and Technology

With the rapid and strong development speed of the industrial real estate market, more and more companies across the country contacted and questioned IIP VIETNAM about connecting investment cooperation.

Most recently, on the afternoon of May 29, 2020, Professor Trinh Ban - lecturer of Hanoi University of Technology had a visit to the office with the desire to connect investment cooperation.
Accordingly, in addition to sharing in-depth knowledge in the field of industrial real estate, Professor Trinh Ban also expressed his wish that IIP VIETNAM and its prestige and relationships can search for houses. The investment is in line with the field of Real Estate under the company of which the Professor is currently operating.

After the meeting, the professor highly appreciated the capacity, professional experience and professional working attitude of IIP VIETNAM. Especially, Professor Trinh Ban also expressed his desire for long-term cooperation and is willing to introduce IIP VIETNAM to all of his friends and partners so that more and more businesses know about a real estate portal.

For further information, please call Hotline: 1900888858 or Email: info@iipvietnam.com.

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