IIP VIETNAM joins hands with partners to promote comprehensive business ecosystem

To support business activities of partners, IIP VIETNAM together with other Members, including IIP TECH, have focused on researching and preparing for the launch of Mobile applications that integrate IIP TECH core technology, designed on the basis of integrating the preeminent features of Google, Meet , Facebook, Insta, Skype, Zalo, to create a series of "All in one" technology products with breakthrough features for Real Estate Promotion inside the country and abroad, real estate training, global commercialization:

- Technology 4.0

- Digital security

- High-speed query

- Connecting multiple devices and the environment

- Minimize time and cost

IIP VIETNAM joins hands with partners to promote comprehensive business ecosystems
With this advanced technology, foreign investors can easily access, directly observe and select IPs / ICs in Vietnam. Perceiving the great potentials and practical applications of this technology platform in the business environment, IIP VIETNAM looks forward to the opportunity to share more widely this technology platform to not only foreign industrial real estate investors but also business owners wishing to apply 4.0 technology to production and business activities throughout the country.

Partners who are compatible with the 4.0 technology applied by IIP VIETNAM:

- Enterprises with a profit of over VND 500 billion/ year, possessing a workforce of over 1000 people (need a 4.0 technology solution to operating, managing businesses more easily and quickly)

- Hospitals, golf courses, large-scale schools nationwide.

What do partners receive after signing IIP VIETNAM 4.0 technology contract?

All partners using IIP TECH core technology will be supported by professional human resources (Japanese technology engineers) to master the technology, ensuring 100% of the partners can use and make the most of the features provided by 4.0 Technology of IIP TECH.

Furthermore, after completing the technology installment, if the partner needs to support marketing promotion, IIP VIETNAM is ready to provide additional support services such as:

- Writing SEO standard articles.

- Writing PR articles to promote businesses in the largest newspaper and media channels nationwide.

- Translate news into English - Japanese - Korean - Chinese languages.

- Increase direct traffic to the Website.

- Increasing App installs of the business.

For further information, please call Hotline: 1900888858 or Email: info@iipvietnam.com

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