- Establishment and transfer of IP / IC projects - IP / IC

- Establishment of joint-stock company

- Market research, make pre-feasibility study reports.

- Implementation of investment procedures.

- Clearance

- Construction of infrastructure

- Conversion of remaining shares to investors

- Service package to promote investment in factory construction in IZs / ICs

- Analysis and Propose location selection, drawings.

- Implementation of investment procedures.

- Constructing factory/Handing over the factory to customers

- M&A Service Industrial Park / IC

Other support services:

- Providing web design services, apps, applications 4.0 technology for all types of organizations, businesses at home and abroad.

With the goal of becoming the leading enterprise in Vietnam in the field of investment promotion, legal support and investment consultancy for industrial real estate projects, IIP VIETNAM not only continues to promote the available strengths of but also pioneer in building and developing the leading Industrial Real Estate Portal in Vietnam http://iipvietnam.com/.


In the chaotic market, the sudden increase in industrial real estate due to a series of objective factors that led to the appearance of many unqualified units expertise in legal consultancy, lack of investment promotion capacity has been pushing up the price of IZs / ICs, distorting Vietnam's image in the eyes of foreign investors. Understanding that, IIP VIETNAM launches an industrial real estate portal http://iipvietnam.com/ with the purpose:

1. Create a Website interface that provides transparent information about public real estate projects. The enterprise helps to cut down a large number of intermediaries and a variety of other complicated transactions, making the process of buying, selling, transferring, leasing industrial park much more quickly and easily with the most reasonable cost.

2. Create an industrial real estate news channel with in-depth reviews and insights from leading experts in the field of industrial real estate, providing a panoramic view of the public real estate market Vietnamese businesses for foreign investors.

3. Help investors save time and costs on learning about legal procedures as well as other specific elements of Vietnam's industrial real estate industry.


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