Japanese electronics giant Sharp plans to shift its computer production from China to Vietnam to avoid trade war tariffs.

Sharp’s move follows announcements made by many multinationals about shifting production to Vietnam to avoid trade war impacts.

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U.S. footwear maker Brooks Running last month said it would shift the majority of its shoe production from China to Vietnam this year. After the transition is complete, Vietnam will generate 65 percent of its footwear, while China will only make 10 percent.

Apple’s suppliers have also made moves into Vietnam. Taiwanese iPhone assembler Foxconn has acquired the right to use the property in an industrial park in northern Vietnam, while Chinese GoerTek last year asked all suppliers involved in its AirPod production to ship all necessary materials to Vietnam.

Samsung last December closed one of two phone factories in China to focus more on low-cost countries like Vietnam and India for production.

The move comes amid intensifying trade friction between Washington and Beijing. The plant is expected to start operation after October.

Sharp initially planned to make electronic components at the plant located in Ho Chi Minh City, but it is apparently changing that plan in light of continuing U.S.-China trade tension. 

Sources told NHK that Sharp plans to temporarily move its PC production to Taiwan before switching manufacturing to a new plant in Vietnam that is expected to start operation after October.

According to NHK, Sharp is also considering shifting the production of multi-function office equipment shipped to the US from China to Thailand.

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