Sunhouse believes in choosing IIP as a multilateral partner

SUNHOUSE is one of the leading brands of kitchen appliances in Vietnam. Following the success of the kitchen appliances, SUNHOUSE continues to expand in other fields: Electronics and refrigeration.

With the ambition to expand the market, Sunhouse continues to encroach into the industrial electricity sector - specializing in providing the entire electrical system for industrial parks nationwide. While factories from China are moving out in mass, Sunhouse highly appreciates the development potential of Vietnam's industrial real estate market and wants to join hands with prestigious units in this industry to attract FDI capital from abroad to Vietnam.

Accordingly, Sunhouse Corporation has cooperated to supply electrical systems for many foreign partners wishing to promote investment in industrial parks in Vietnam. Most recently, Mr. Hong Hung - Chairman of a Taiwanese trade association in Vietnam and director of Sheng Yu Construction Group - expressed his desire that Sunhouse should be an exclusive distributor of industrial electrical equipment for all IZs/ICs that Sheng Yu Group constructed.

With its reputation in the market and the strengths in the industrial real estate portal, IIP VIETNAM quickly gained the trust of the General Director of Sunhouse to become a connecting and implementing unit performing legal procedures, construction permits for the whole project of which Sheng Yu is the construction contractor.

The three parties had a meeting at Sunhouse's headquarters

On the morning of June 3, the three parties had a meeting at Sunhouse's headquarters at Richy building 35 Mac Thai To, Cau Giay, Hanoi, and came to a multilateral cooperation agreement.

 Mr. Hong Hung - Director of Sheng Yu Construction Group highly appreciated IIP VIETNAM's capability as well as the professional manner and expressed his desire to meet and exchange more in details on another occasion at IIP’s office with the presence of Taipei Fubon Bank - The Bank of Taiwanese enterprises in supporting investment capital in Vietnam.

The meeting not only showed the trust of Sunhouse Group with IIP VIETNAM but also was a very good signal to help Vietnam attract more FDI capital from Taiwan.

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