CEO of YSL Group Mr. ILHWAN KWAK visited, exchanged and negotiated with IIP VIETNAM's Board of Directors to jointly find the most effective legal support & investment promotion consultancy for businesses.

YSL Group's General Director Mr. ILHWAN KWAK had visited, exchanged and negotiated with IIP VIETNAM's Board of Directors.

Previously, YSL and IIP VIETNAM had signed MOU minutes to orient the cooperation process of projects as follow:

- IIP VIETNAM is responsible for finding Potential Customers to conduct Real Estate Transactions owned by YSL Group.

- IIP VIETNAM is responsible for researching, finding, analyzing, and proposing potential real estate projects for YSL Group to decide to invest or conduct real estate transactions.

Following that MOU minutes, YSL Group continues to choose IIP VIETNAM as the unit to promote investment in two industrial complexes of Gia Phu and Khanh Thuong in Ninh Binh province.
After such successful cooperation, the general director of YSL Group highly appreciated the legal support capacity, investment promotion consultancy experience, and especially the reputation of IIP VIETNAM in the real estate industry field.

Therefore, during this visit, the representative of YSL Group did not hesitate to share the difficulties in adding the field of investment allowed in the Industrial Cluster and expressed the wish that IIP VIETNAM along with the close relationships with the government, ministries, and provinces across the country will support businesses to quickly solve this problem.

The meeting took place in an extremely joyful atmosphere when the two sides came to an agreement and found a solution.

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