Thai Binh has long been known as a coastal plain province in the South of the Red River delta, near to the Northern key economic growth area (Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Hanoi); the site of many historical and cultural relics from the Tran dynasty; People here have a heroic tradition in fighting against foreign invaders as well as they are hard-working and creative. The political situation is always stable, social order and safety is always guaranteed, creating a favorable environment for the development of the marine economy and tourism; Inland and continental shelf gas resources as well as brown coal underground are assessed to have large reserves being planned for exploitation for industrial development.

In addition, with abundant human resources, vocational training from basic to high level; synchronous socio-economic infrastructure; promotion of investment attraction is promoted along with the application of mechanisms and policies for investment incentives ... Thai Binh has become an ideal place, worthy for industrial real estate investors to pay much attention.

As an outstanding example, have to mention to Dong La Industrial Cluster (IC) - the project started as a turning point to help the economy of Thai Binh province accelerate significantly.


Location: Dong La commune is located in the north of Dong Hung district, on the north bank of Tien Hung river.

• Bordering with Dong Xa commune to the east;

• Bordering with Ha Giang, Dong Cac, Dong Hop and Dong Hung towns to the south;

• Bordering with Nguyen Xa and Lien Giang communes to the west;

• Bordering with Dong Son commune to the north.

Dong La industrial cluster was approved to be expanded to an area of ​​223,741.4 m2, located in the administrative boundary of Dong La commune, Dong Hung district according to Decree No. 2672 / QD-UBND dated October 18, 2018 of the Thai Binh Provincial People's Committee. This decree approves the adjustment of construction zone planning as below:

+ Area of ​​industrial land: 180,661.6 m2 (including 123.1 m2 of land is in the safety corridor of overhead conducting electric line);

+ Technical infrastructure land area: 4,976.9 m2;

+ Traffic land area: 33,356.1 m2;

+ Area for planting ​green trees: 4,746.8 m2 (including 1,192.9 m2 of land in the safety corridor of overhead conducting electric line)

+ Land lease term: From the date this Decision takes effect to the end of 11/29/2066.

+ Form of land lease: The State leases land with annual payment.

Reasons why Dong La industrial cluster is worthy to invest:

- Complete infrastructure: Complete infrastructure system, fast licensing time, Industrial Clusters Management Board is always in close contact with investors, always looking for satisfactory and timely solutions to problems of the investor. This is an outstanding and comparative advantage of Dong La IC compared to other ICs. This will help customers save time, quickly deploy construction and go into production.

- Investment environment: Always spread the red carpet to invite investors. Provincial and district leaders and departments are open-mind, friendly, willing to help and create favorable conditions for businesses to deploy investment quickly. Administrative procedures are simple, convenient and professional.

- Investment incentives:

Land lease incentives:

+ Apply unified land rent rates to domestic and foreign enterprises with 49-year leasing term.

+ Stable time of land rent: 5 years. After expiry, the new price is calculated on the new price level of Thai Binh People's Committee.

Corporate income tax incentives:

(According to the amended CIT Law 2013 and Circular 78/2014 / TT-BTC)

+ Tax exemption for the first 2 years.

+ Discount 50% in the next 4 years

Import tax incentives:

+ Import tax exemption for equipment, machinery, raw materials ... (Applies to hi-tech enterprises in the fields of investment encouragement under Decree 87/2010 / ND-CP)

Preferential support of Investor:

Supporting secondary investors with legal procedures in investment such as granting business registration certificates, approving investment policies, building permits and implementing projects in Thai Binh quickly and easily.

Policies to encourage investment support of the province:

(According to Decision 18/2014 / QD-UBND)

+ Projects on scientific and technological innovation

+ Successfully applied the quality management system according to international standards (ISO, HACCP, SAC, IEC, GMP ...)

+ Registration of protection of industrial property rights over specialty goods and imported goods.

+ Projects requiring employment of trained laborers shall be provided with short-term vocational training funding by the provincial People's Committee. This funding is directly supported to the Labor users with the enterprise's commitment to use this number of Labor for 12 months or more.

Investment support:

(According to Decree 68/2017 / ND-CP)

The local budget supports the fund for relocation of enterprises, cooperatives, etc. in trade villages into industrial complexes; The specific support level is decided by the provincial People's Committee

The investor of Dong La IC officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with IIP VIETNAM

In early June // 2020, IIP VIETNAM has just had a meeting with the investor of Dong La IC. After the meeting, the investor of Dong La Industrial Park assessed IIP VIETNAM as a reputable and transparent industrial real estate portal with superior solutions to support the development of the public real estate industry. Vietnamese enterprises and officially decided to sign a strategic cooperation contract, promote industrial real estate investment with IIP VIETNAM.

Accordingly, domestic and foreign investors wishing to promote investment in Thai Binh province please contact Hotline: 1900888858 or Email:



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