Currently, the investor of Song Khoai Industrial Park - Quang Ninh (Amata Ha Long Urban Joint Stock Company) is actively deploying related works, speeding up the construction progress of technical infrastructure, soon attracting secondary investors investing into production and business.

Phase I of Song Khoai IP (Quang Yen Town) has an area of ​​123ha. At the present, 97.3ha / 123ha has been handed over to investors to implement site leveling and technical infrastructure construction. The remaining areas are being actively handled by Quang Yen Town and soon handed over in 2020. To ensure the investment resources of Song Khoai Industrial Park in accordance with the commitment with the province, the investor has mobilized 365 billion VND, accounting for 69% of total capital to implement project investment.

According to the leader of Amata Ha Long Urban Joint Stock Company, up to this point, the Song Khoai IP project has been approved by the Department of Infrastructure Infrastructure (Ministry of Construction) to appraise basic design; At the same time, completing the detection and handling of boms, mines and explosive materials; sign contracts with contractors to clean the ground, remove organic land with the volume of 90% of the total industrial park area.

In order to ensure the source of leveling materials, the investor has collaborated with the Quang Ninh Institute of Planning and Construction Design to conduct topographic and geological surveys and formulate a detailed plan of 1/500 scale of the project. exploit land for leveling in Hop Thanh area (Quang Yen town). Currently, the project planning file of the land exploitation project has been completed by the Company and Quang Yen Town, submitted to the provincial functional agencies as prescribed.

Along with that, the investor is completing the technical design, completing the dossier to submit to the authorities of the 63MW-110 / 22kV transformer station; clean water supply station with capacity of 6,500m3 / day / night and wastewater treatment plant with capacity of 4,000m3 / day / night. It is expected that after the appraisal and approval, these works will be completed in August and September 2020 to ensure electricity and water supply for the whole project. For the infrastructure of roads, rainwater drainage systems, internal power supply systems ..., the investor is implementing the bidding, selecting contractors and early deploying complete investment in the middle of the month and month. 10/2020.

Along with deploying infrastructure investment in Song Khoai Industrial Park, the investor also actively works with many secondary investors from countries and territories with developed economies, to call for investment. into IP, including 10 potential secondary investors from Japan, UK, China and Thailand. Many secondary investors commit that, after the completion of the technical infrastructure project of Song Khoai Industrial Park, they will sign land lease contracts with investors to carry out production and business projects.

Mr. Nguyen Van Nhan, General Director of Ha Long Amata Urban Joint Stock Company, said: In order to ensure the capital as committed to the province, in 2020, we continue to mobilize more than 41 billion more to carry out At the moment, the project has completed the completion of technical infrastructure, on the other hand, continue to implement land clearance for phase 2 (over 120 hectares) and gradually consider the implementation of land clearance for phase 3, phase 4, stage paragraph 5 of the project.

Besides being proactive in the implementation of the investor, the related departments, branches and localities of the province are also actively coordinating and supporting the investor in implementing the project under the direction of the provincial People's Committee in the Document. No. 2433 / UBND-XD6 dated April 14, 2020. Mr. Nguyen Manh Tuan, Head of the Provincial Economic Park Management Board, shared: The unit is currently following the investor to provide effective assistance in solving difficulties and obstacles during the project implementation process. Along with that, urge the investor to arrange appropriate resources, ensure the implementation and complete the technical infrastructure of the project in accordance with the investment certificate and Notice of Conclusion No. 94 / TB-UBND dated 22 / 5/2020; monitor and strictly observe the provisions of law on investment, planning, construction, land, environment and labor use during the project implementation process.

At the field working and inspection with Amata Ha Long Urban Joint Stock Company on May 18, 2020, Mr. Nguyen Van Thang, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee of Quang Ninh, affirmed that this is a motivational project, contributing to promoting attract investment in the province. Therefore, the investor needs to focus resources to accelerate the investment in technical infrastructure of phase 1 (123ha), ensuring the completion of the entire technical infrastructure of the project before September 30, 2020.

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